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About Michigan Interpreting Services Inc.

In 2007, Mary Gillanders launched Michigan Interpreting Services, Inc. to set apart from the rest. To discover what could be done and undone in this ever changing world of interpreting. With almost 20 years of interpreting herself, she now devotes her time to growing Michigan Interpreting Services, and demanding the outstanding service that not only the interpreters want to give, but that clients want to see. Michigan Interpreting Services is pleased to have secured some of the largest companies in southeast Michigan in providing interpreting services and looks forward to adding more to that list.

Clients put their trust in Michigan Interpreting Services because the honesty and integrity the company was founded on is still present today. Clients want to be treated fairly, to be heard, and for interpreting agencies to respect that they too, have budgets and bottom lines. Michigan Interpreting Services listened and responded to their clients and as a result, they receive many referrals for business with companies looking for that same kind of personal yet professional service.